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Pathfinder Academy is Now on Discord!

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Pathfinder Academy
August 31, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Pathfinder Academy's official Discord server, where the world of academic project management comes alive! Whether you're a seasoned scientist or just embarking on your scientific journey, this vibrant community is your gateway to learning, networking, and excelling in the art of academic project management. Join us at [] and let's navigate this path together!

What to Expect:

1. General Discussion: Dive into the heart of our community, connect with fellow learners, and engage in casual discussions related to (academic) project management, career tips, and more.
2. Pathfinder Framework: Explore our unique project management framework designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the subject from an academic perspective.
3. General Project Management: Exchange insights and experiences about project management methodologies, best practices, and real-world applications.
4. Tools and Techniques: Discover the arsenal of tools and techniques used by successful project managers. Share your favourites and learn from others.
5. Certificates and Exams: Stay updated on our certificate programs, exams, and success stories. Celebrate your achievements with a supportive community.
6. Q&A and Help: Have questions? Our instructors and community members are here to assist you. Engage in live Q&A sessions and seek guidance on challenges you're facing.
7. Reading Material and Other Resources: Access a curated collection of reading materials, articles, and resources to deepen your understanding and broaden your knowledge.
8. Networking and Opportunities: Connect with like-minded academics, share insights, job opportunities, and collaborate on exciting projects.

Join our rapidly growing community and take advantage of the immersive learning environment Pathfinder Academy has to offer. Here, you'll find a place to share, learn, and thrive as you embark on your project management journey.

Ready to take the first step? Join us at [] and let's navigate the world of academic project management together!