Our Story

Learn about why Pathfinder Academy was founded and where it is headed.

Are you a university student, postdoctoral fellow, or junior researcher and currently delay your project? Why is it so difficult to meet deadlines, or why are you overwhelmed with all the information, or why are you keep getting stuck in the lab? We asked ourselves the same questions and found problems that you share with million other people. After testing various different solutions, we found a way to solve those problems. Our solution is the first-ever created project management framework for academics: Pathfinder. With this framework, you will be able to increase your research output dramatically, become more organized, and meet every single deadline! The best thing: it’s not even difficult to learn. Pathfinder Academy will help you to become an expert in managing your project, right here; right now!

A Personal Journey - Carl Peters, CEO

During my career as an academic researcher, from bachelor student to postdoctoral fellow, I worked with many other scientists who did not progress at a rate representative of the hours they put in. They also delayed their projects constantly.

These inefficiencies were apparent regardless of whether they were submitting papers, completing lab work, or preparing data for analysis. I continued my observations while I managed research programs at a big science institute. There, I was overseeing a lot of projects led by other scientists. I could not believe my eyes: the level of project mis-management was astonishing! Have you ever wondered why almost every research conference extend their deadlines, or funding organizations offer opportunities to hand in applications later? The answer is simple: academic researchers are poor project managers because they don't get the help they would need from their universities.

At most universities, emphasis in the curriculum is put on the subject matter and not on soft skills. But as a researcher you need certain soft skills to mature as an academic researcher. One of the soft skills that gets often overlooked is project management! But this is weird because in your academic life you constantly manage projects, whether it is to learn for an exam or to complete an assignment. I decided to take this problem into my own hands: I learned the global standards of project management in today’s businesses and came up with the idea to develop a project management framework for scientists. After months of hard work, I designed a project management framework that is quick to learn and easy to understand, is able to be implemented at any project stage, and recognizes the academic team dynamics. These are all attributes that define how project management works in the academic sector. Following my academic background, my passion for project management, and my love to innovate, I am proud to present you Pathfinder, the first-ever academic project management framework.

While the Pathfinder framework is free to access and to use, Pathfinder Academy will help you understand the content, answers all your questions, and offers professional certificates to boost your career, whether it may be inside or outside of academia.

Our Mission

Be the global leader in academic project management education, certification, and accreditation to empower researchers to achieve their goals and advance their careers.

Our Vision

To revolutionize the academic research sector by developing a highly skilled and progressive researcher workforce that delivers impactful research outcomes and drives innovation.

Our Values

  • A healthy, respectful, and fun work and learning environment
  • Transparent and accountable on everything we do
  • Adaptive to change without losing tradition
  • Maximize experience through education and training
  • Commit to the mission despite potential setbacks
  • Boost competence and self-motivation