10 Months
Average reduction in delay time for a university student when applying project management principles [1]*
Average cost per university student saved by avoiding delays through effective project management [2]*
Percentage of the top 10 problems university students face that can be solved through project management techniques [1]*
Arrow pointing down
Reduced stress levels reported by university students who implement project management strategies [3,4]
Arrow pointing up
Increased productivity and output observed among university students who apply project management methods [3,4]
3.38 Hours
Average time invested in self-directed learning to successfully pass the CPf exam [2]

* Numbers specific for PhD students.

Benefits of using the framework

  • Stay on track with your thesis and graduate on time
  • Get results faster
  • Publish more papers
  • Excel in lab work
  • Write competitive proposals
  • Have more free time
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Benefits to becoming Pathfinder certified

  • Heightened sense of self-efficacy: Prove yourself that you mastered the Pathfinder framework
  • Show your peers that you are an expert in managing academic projects
  • Increase your employment marketability
  • Use the CPf credential as a suffix to your name (e.g., Jane Doe, PhD, CPf)
  • Acquire an overall useful certification that does not cost a fortune and never expires
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The Pathfinder Academy Way
Our mission is to create the knowledge, learning, and accreditation hub of the Pathfinder project management framework to help academic researchers around the world.

We also provide a meaningful certificate that holds weight to academic peers and helps to boost careers.
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I recently had the pleasure of attending the Project Management Webinar that Dr. Carl Peters presented to the Interdisciplinary Marine Early Career Researcher Network (IMECaN). What an excellent initiative! I wish that I could have had the opportunity to learn from Carl when I was starting my career.
- Lisa Maddison, Deputy Director at IMBeR
The Pathfinder Program introduced me to a useful project management framework and lean thinking mindset that I can carry forward to other projects beyond academia.
- Alysha T., Student at Dalhousie University
The Pathfinder framework has provided me with the tools I will need for any academic project I have going forward. Not only will it be useful in academia, but I am sure I will be using the framework in any project I tackle in the workplace as well.
- Janine McGregor, Student at Dalhousie University
As a graduate researcher, the Pathfinder Framework has proven to be an invaluable asset in my skillset. It has equipped me with the necessary tools and strategies to develop a well-structured workplan, enabling me to approach my thesis with intention, efficiency, and reduced anxiety.
- Kaminda Musumbulwa, Student at Dalhousie University
Pathfinder Academy provided an informative and professional tutorial for our graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Highlighting the challenges of using traditional project management frameworks and tools in academic settings, Pathfinder Academy introduced our early career researchers to the benefits of using their innovative project management framework to approach, conduct and complete academic projects with high levels of success.
- Tracey Woodhouse, Program Manager at Ocean Frontier Institute

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