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The Pathfinder project management framework is an easy-to-understand set of principles, tools, and processes that brings value to your projects immediately.
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Pathfinder as game-changer

Due to a lack of training and experience, most academic projects are managed inefficiently. For instance, PhD students extend their projects by 10 months on average, costing universities $40,000 more per student, simply because most researchers don't know how to manage their projects. We are here to challenge this status quo at universities around the world, and introduce the first-ever academic project management framework.
What is the Pathfinder framework?

Project management specifically designed to increase research outputs

Developed by academic researchers for academic researchers, the Pathfinder framework simplifies project management and gives you easy-to-understand principles, tools, and processes which you can implement into your workflow to make progress immediately.

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Benefits of using the framework

  • Stay on track with your thesis and graduate on time
  • Get results faster
  • Publish more papers
  • Excel in lab work
  • Write competitive proposals
  • Have more free time
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Benefits to becoming Pathfinder certified

  • Heightened sense of self-efficacy: Prove yourself that you mastered the Pathfinder framework
  • Show your peers that you are an expert in managing academic projects
  • Increase your employment marketability
  • Use the CPf credential as a suffix to your name (e.g., Jane Doe, PhD, CPf)
  • Acquire an overall useful certification that does not cost a fortune and never expires
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The Pathfinder Academy Way
Our mission is to create the knowledge, learning, and accreditation hub of the Pathfinder project management framework to help academic researchers around the world.

We also provide a meaningful certificate that holds weight to academic peers and helps to boost careers.
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